New White Paper: Enabling Competitive Advantage with Modern Data Platforms

Enabling Competitive Advantage with Modern Data Platforms

While understanding the term “big data” continues to vary, its underlying business value proposition is clear: the ability to affordably store all the data you can imagine,and work with it in ways never before possible. Big data has opened the door to the next true revolution – the Age of Data. Many talk about big data as being today’s booming oil wells, with so much crude oil available that anyone who can refine it into valuable, consumable, data-driven products will have a successful business model. Businesses today can aspire to leverage data in ways previously only attainable by data giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and LinkedIn.

However, it’s the experience – giving the consumer the information they want in a simple, intuitive, and instantaneous manner – that makes services like Google, Yahoo, or Bing truly valuable. Providing consumers with correct information is important, and accuracy increases statistically as more data becomes available to work with. Simplicity is the result of a product or service’s ability to mask back-end complexity for the user. Being instantaneous, in turn, comes from having the right technologies and platform that deliver the right information in the fleeting “moment of opportunity” for users.

The key to successfully creating new, competitive business value in the Age of Data requires equal parts big dataultra-performance, and relevant context.

Click here to download the white paper.

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