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About Radiant Advisors

In today’s rapidly evolving world of Business Intelligence and Information Management, BI teams struggle to balance delivering ongoing value while staying abreast of industry trends, juggling strategic planning initiatives and refreshing skill sets. Radiant Advisors offers our clients a solution through an exclusive partnership with trusted and experienced advisors whose purpose is to add unique value to your ongoing BI program.

Unlike typical expert consulting engagements that arrive, deliver value then leave, our engagement is intended to be a long-term partnership with a vested interest in the sustained success of your program.  By focusing on developing people and processes, we develop your team’s skills and mentor key people over time. A retained partnership with Radiant Advisors ensures we are already familiar with your environment and available when you need an unbiased and trusted resource to discuss important topics or make immediate key decisions that cannot wait.

Our Unique Approach

Radiant Advisors provides three distinct services with synergy and keen focus on mentoring, knowledge transfer, and institutional learning.

These service offerings are:

  • Experience-based, expert-level advisory services
  • Effective, innovative and ongoing learning and development services
  • Cutting edge research papers that are relevant, objective and chosen for your program’s needs

Our unique approach provides the most compelling value to address the challenges of information management strategies and programs while taking on the challenge of considering the future adoption of concepts, methodologies and technologies appropriate for your company.

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About Radiant

Radiant Advisors is a leading strategic research and advisory firm that delivers innovative, cutting-edge research and thought-leadership to transform today's organizations into tomorrow's data-driven industry leaders.