Research: Overcoming Barriers to Data Virtualization Adoption

The challenges of data management are getting exponentially harder. With the ever-increasing quantities, sources, and structures of data – as well as the insurgence of new tools and techniques for storing, analyzing, and deriving deeper insights from this information – data-driven companies continue to evaluate and explore data management technologies that better integrate, consolidate, and unify data in a way that offers tangible business value.

Data virtualization is so compelling because it addresses business demands for data unification and supports high iteration and fast response times, all while enabling self-service user access and data navigability. However, adopting data virtualization is not without its set of barriers. Primarily, these relate to building a business case that can articulate the value of data virtualization in terms of speed of integration alongside the ability to manage ever-growing amounts of data in a timely, cost-efficient way.

Supported by Cisco Data Virtualization, Radiant Advisors had the opportunity to further explore and understand the barriers experienced by companies considering data virtualization adoption, and then to pose these questions to companies that have already adopted data virtualization to glean their insights, best practices, and lessons learned. Together, the two halves of this research facilitate a practicable, independent, and unscripted “cross-talk” to fill information gaps and assist companies in overcoming barriers to data virtualization adoption.

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