A Special Occasion

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a blog post, but that's about to change

Blog July 24, 2017 

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a blog post, and while I have had many ah-ha moments and insightful conversations that would’ve been great fodder, they were typically shared individually with friends and colleagues rather than in a post. That’s about to change.

The special occasion to kickoff this new blog series is the launch of our redesigned Radiant Advisors website. The website represents our evolution after six years of working with companies and vendors to bring high-quality advisory services and prescriptive research to an industry that continues to change at an increasing pace.

The new RadiantAdvisors.com was designed with our readers in mind to leverage our published content easier than ever. Research Spotlight sections feature our favorite pieces, and the Research page has a new search capability and handy topic tags for quickly scanning through categories of published research.

A one-time registration allows full access to our entire research library and enables you to bookmark your favorite pieces for quick retrieval. You’ll be alerted with notifications of new releases and upcoming items of interest in the website kiosk when you log in. Of course, sharing content with colleagues via social media is easy as well.

Representing Our Focus

The website redesign process was also an opportunity for us at Radiant Advisors to reflect and reaffirm our core values, mission and strengths. As we develop research and best practices for companies, we first answer an important question: “Who is the audience and how will they benefit?” In doing so, certain patterns emerged, and we believe three clearly defined roles have the biggest potential to drive change in enterprise data and analytic programs: the executive sponsors, the analytic leaders and the enterprise architects. When we tackle prescriptive, actionable research, we’re mindful of speaking the unique languages of these roles and addressing their needs to help them most effectively do their jobs.

Looking forward, we have updated our research agenda to specifically focus on the areas where companies making the transformation to being truly data-centric and analytics-driven need our help with an enterprise strategy. Five years ago we created the Modern Data Platform to address the challenges and questions around technology and data architecture replatforming and we’ve recently made updates to incorporate hybrid-cloud architectures, enterprise data lakes and streaming data pipelines. Our approach to governing self-service, data prep and data science programs with organizational strategies has made a difference for the analytic leaders we work with.  Our enterprise data and analytics strategies, roadmaps and frameworks continue to help executive sponsors garner support and resources for technologies and program development.

Our goal was to have a website that accurately represents us and what we’re about. We have always been passionate about delivering research and best practices that help companies become leaders with data and analytics. But over the years, our experiences have given us insights into what’s most effective and how best to engage with companies to deliver this great research.

Flexibility in providing mentorship and guidance is the key. Advisory services help companies adapt our research concepts to meet the everyday demands of analytic strategies and implementations.  As-needed consultation workshops and roundtable education sessions address emerging and tactical topics, and when more involvement is needed our consulting teams can provide extra bandwidth when needed to move quickly and modernize capabilities and platforms.

Join the website and become part of the network that benefits from our published research, thought-leadership and industry coverage. Take it one step further and engage advisory services as your personal trusted advisor to understand how emerging technology and evolving approaches apply specifically to your company. And if you need a bit more help, we can bring in the workshops, education and consultants to help you get the job done.


John O’Brien is Principal Advisor and CEO of Radiant Advisors. A recognized thought leader in data strategy and analytics, John’s unique perspective comes from the combination of his roles as a practitioner, consultant and vendor CTO.

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