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05/2019 Database Trends and Applications: John O’Brien on Lessons Learned from Data Summit 2019

10/2018 Big Data Quarterly: Modern Data Architecture: Data Lakes, Clouds, and Analytics

09/2017 Big Data Quarterly: New Technologies in a Big Data World: The Rise of Industry 4.0

09/2017 Database Trends and Applications: IDERA Improves Process Modeling in Latest ER/Studio Release

10/2014 Information Management: How to Keep Your Data Scientists (and Keep Them Happy)

10/2014 Information Management: How to Design for Discovery

08/2014 Teradata Magazine: Unlock the Value of Discovery

06/2014 Inside Analysis: Understanding Data Abstraction

04/2014 Database Trends and Applications: How to Become a Data-Centric Company

03/2014 Inside Analysis: Four Forms of Data Discovery

03/2014 IT Business Edge: Three Signs You're Not Ready for Big Data 

02/2014 Information Management: Data Visualization -- 3 Questions for Passing the Eye Candy Test

12/2013 Information Management: Who is the Data Scientist?

12/2013 Inside Analysis: Discovery and BI -- Two Different Animals

09/2013 Information Management: BI is Fun Again

05/2013 Database Trends and Applications: How to Gain Value from Big Data Projects is Explored at Big Data Boot Camp

05/2013Database Trends and Applications: 10 Things You Need to Know About Big Data Now

01/2013 BI Spektrum: From Understanding to Problem Resolving, an Interview with John O'Brien  

Special Reports

12/2014 Database Trends and Applications "Big Data Sourcebook" (2nd ed.): How Businesses are Driving Big Data Transformation

11/2014 InformationWeek: Big Data & Government IT: 3 Core Competencies

10/2014 InformationWeek: Big Data, Complex Control

01/2014 Database Trends and Applications "Big Data Sourcebook" (1st ed.): Big Data -- The Battle Over Persistence and the Race for Access Hill  


04/2014 InfiniDB Webinar | John O'Brien:Open Source SQL-on-Hadoop Performance Benchmark Review 



11/2013 BeyeNetwork Podcast with Ron Powell: Three Keys to Unlocking Big Data and Analytics

02/2013 TechTarget BI Leadership Roundtable with Wayne Eckerson: Best Practices in Mobile BI   



Birst Webinar: The Analytic Trifecta with Birst and Lindy Ryan


Hortonworks Webinar: Data Lake for the Cloud: Extending your Hadoop Implementation with Microsoft and John O'Brien



Hadoop Summit 2014 theCube Interview with John O'Brien & Mark Milani


Benchmark: John O'Brien on the Open Source SQL-on-Hadoop Performance Benchmark


SPARK! Modern Data Platforms preview with John O'Brien and Dr. Robin Bloor