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05/2019 Database Trends and Applications: John O’Brien on Lessons Learned from Data Summit 2019

10/2018 Big Data Quarterly: Modern Data Architecture: Data Lakes, Clouds, and Analytics

09/2017 Big Data Quarterly: New Technologies in a Big Data World: The Rise of Industry 4.0

09/2017 Database Trends and Applications: IDERA Improves Process Modeling in Latest ER/Studio Release

10/2014 Information Management: How to Keep Your Data Scientists (and Keep Them Happy)

10/2014 Information Management: How to Design for Discovery

08/2014 Teradata Magazine: Unlock the Value of Discovery

06/2014 Inside Analysis: Understanding Data Abstraction

04/2014 Database Trends and Applications: How to Become a Data-Centric Company

03/2014 Inside Analysis: Four Forms of Data Discovery

03/2014 IT Business Edge: Three Signs You're Not Ready for Big Data 

02/2014 Information Management: Data Visualization -- 3 Questions for Passing the Eye Candy Test

12/2013 Information Management: Who is the Data Scientist?

12/2013 Inside Analysis: Discovery and BI -- Two Different Animals

09/2013 Information Management: BI is Fun Again

05/2013 Database Trends and Applications: How to Gain Value from Big Data Projects is Explored at Big Data Boot Camp

05/2013Database Trends and Applications: 10 Things You Need to Know About Big Data Now

01/2013 BI Spektrum: From Understanding to Problem Resolving, an Interview with John O'Brien  

Special Reports

12/2014 Database Trends and Applications "Big Data Sourcebook" (2nd ed.): How Businesses are Driving Big Data Transformation

11/2014 InformationWeek: Big Data & Government IT: 3 Core Competencies

10/2014 InformationWeek: Big Data, Complex Control

01/2014 Database Trends and Applications "Big Data Sourcebook" (1st ed.): Big Data -- The Battle Over Persistence and the Race for Access Hill  


07/2014 Hot Technologies | John O'Brien, John Santaferraro, and Dr. Robin Bloor:  Taming the Elephant -- The Power of SQL on Hadoop

05/2014 DM Radio Broadcast: A State of REST -- The New World of Information Federation

04/2014 InfiniDB Webinar | John O'Brien:Open Source SQL-on-Hadoop Performance Benchmark Review 

02/2014 The Briefing Room | John O'Brien and IBM: Big Data in Action

01/2014 The Briefing Room | John O'Brien, Lindy Ryan, and Cisco: The Agile Analyst -- Solving the Data Problem with Virtualization

12/2013 The Briefing Room | John O'Brien and Birst: Data Discovery and BI -- Is There Really a Difference?

11/2013 The Briefing Room | John O'Brien and Actuate: A Plethora of Options -- The New World of Data Visualization

10/2013 DM Radio Broadcast: The RAM Revolution -- The Incredible Power of In-Memory

06/2013 The Briefing Room | John O'Brien and Teradata: The Intelligent Thing -- Using In-Memory for Big Data and Beyond

06/2013 DM Radio Broadcast: Not a Cloud in the Sky

12/2013 Inside Analysis | John O'Brien and Mark Madsen with ParAccel: Hot Technologies of 2012: Analytic Platforms

08/2012 The Briefing Room | John O'Brien and Teradata: The Great Divide: Bridging Structured and Unstructured Data for New Customer Insights  


11/2013 BeyeNetwork Podcast with Ron Powell: Three Keys to Unlocking Big Data and Analytics

02/2013 TechTarget BI Leadership Roundtable with Wayne Eckerson: Best Practices in Mobile BI   


Birst Webinar: The Analytic Trifecta with Birst and Lindy Ryan  

Hortonworks Webinar: Data Lake for the Cloud: Extending your Hadoop Implementation with Microsoft and John O'Brien    


Hadoop Summit 2014 theCube Interview with John O'Brien & Mark Milani    

Benchmark: John O'Brien on the Open Source SQL-on-Hadoop Performance Benchmark    

SPARK! Modern Data Platforms preview with John O'Brien and Dr. Robin Bloor

Composite Software: John O'Brien on Overcoming Information Challenges


Academic Papers

Leading change through creative destruction: how Netflix's self-destruction strategy created its own market International Journal of Business Innovation and Research (IJBIR), Vol. 7, No. 4, 2013 by Lindy Ryan

Abstract: By continuing to build the Netflix brand as a cutting-edge pioneer with a culture of innovation, Netflix has conquered the video rental-by-mail market under the transformational, charismatic leadership of CEO Reed Hastings. This paper offers the perspective that Netflix has survived a planned process of creatively designed destruction to renew its long-term strategy as it leads the video rental industry into the emerging world of on-demand streaming content. Drawing on the construct of ethical anarchy by Hurst (2002, 2012), as well as contributions from Morgan (2006, 2011), Jaworski (2011), and Argyris (2002), this research builds upon the concept of organisational renewal and sustainability through crisis and change, and argues that Netflix's actions have been strategic and purposeful, leveraging innovation and customer loyalty.