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How is your data strategy working for you?

Many companies struggle with building robust data platforms and selecting the right ecosystem of technologies that deliver the promise of analytics.

We help companies create an actionable strategy and execute it to realize this potential. As researchers and advisors we synthesize concepts into methodologies and frameworks that are directly applicable to your goal.

Research Spotlight

Delivering Enterprise Analytics with the Modern Data Infrastructure

This Insight Paper outlines three primary analytics capabilities enterprises need to translate business strategies into MDI implementations. The MDA logically encapsulates strategy and principles into

Why Data Hubs Are Essential to Modern Data Management

This Insight Paper clarifies the needs of modern data management to evolve and become agile, collaborative, and outcome oriented.

How Datameer Spotlight Accelerates the Modern Analytics Lifecycle

This white paper updates the Radiant Advisors’ Modern Analytics Lifecycle by adding a dimension that illustrates how each step in the lifecycle benefits from having the best-suited role involved to

Recent Posts

BI Experts' Perspective: The Emergence of ModelOps

Apr 8, 2021
A growing number of organizations are using predictive analytics to make product recommendations, identify market segments, calculate customer lifetime value, and more.
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Press Release: Radiant Advisors Welcomes Back Lindy Ryan as Chief Content Officer to Drive New Digital Strategy

Jan 18, 2021
Research and advisory firm Radiant Advisors has welcomed back Lindy Ryan, former Editor-in-Chief and Research Director, in the newly created role of Chief Content Officer. Ryan’s return to Radiant A
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Looking Forward

2021 is not merely a year of return to business-as-usual but something even more exciting: An opportunity to reinvent and thrive in a post-pandemic economy.
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