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How is your data strategy working for you?

Many companies struggle with building robust data platforms and selecting the right ecosystem of technologies that deliver the promise of analytics.

We help companies create an actionable strategy and execute it to realize this potential. As researchers and advisors we synthesize concepts into methodologies and frameworks that are directly applicable to your goal.

Research Spotlight

2021 Hadoop-to-Cloud Migration Benchmark Report

The purpose of this study was to identify and document the current perspectives, objectives, and sentiments of organizations and data users to better understand how they are operationalizing system

Strategies for Migrating Hadoop On-Premises to AWS

Companies embarking on significant Hadoop migrations have the opportunity to advance their data management capabilities while modernizing their data architectures with cloud platforms and services.

Analytic Automation and Mission Outcomes

This Insight Paper discusses how APA is the next step for RPA to unlock transformation in business processes, upskill data users, leverage advanced analytics, and balance innovative technologies with

Recent Posts

BI Experts' Perspective: The Emergence of ModelOps

Apr 8, 2021
A growing number of organizations are using predictive analytics to make product recommendations, identify market segments, calculate customer lifetime value, and more.
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Looking Forward

2021 is not merely a year of return to business-as-usual but something even more exciting: An opportunity to reinvent and thrive in a post-pandemic economy.
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Insights from Tableau Conference 2019

While still a leader in data visualization and analytics, Tableau pushes advances in data management with a data platform emphasis
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