Join us in Dallas for the Big Data Summit, May 11-13 2014

Attendees will learn about key aspects of big data and its capabilities

A forum for innovative IT thought leaders

C-level executives in every industry are faced with large amounts of data, which can be viewed as both a burden and an opportunity. Executives tasked with overseeing company data must strike a balance between everyday data management tasks and effectively leveraging data through analytics and analysis. The Big Data Summit is a unique opportunity for C-level executives involved in data storage, data management and data analysis to gather and discuss how companies can effectively manage, protect and leverage the growing amounts of data in the enterprise.

With a focus on best practices, the event will allow attendees to explore strategies and technologies surrounding real-time data processing, data protection and privacy, meeting industry regulations and compliance, and data storage. Attendees will learn about key aspects of big data and its capabilities through a unique blend of focused CIO Think Tanks, Executive Visions panel discussions, Analyst Q&As, visionary Keynote Presentations and networking breaks, technology executives will share insight and gain critical takeaways. Here are a few of this year's discussion topics:

  • The Economics of Data
  • Driving Big Data Business Value by Accelerating Time-to-Answer (TTA)
  • Big Data in Social Media
  • Let the Data Decide: Predictive Analytics in Healthcare


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