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4 Stages to Master Data Management Success

A business-enabled approach to data management is critical to MDM maturity and success

Space and Time Databases - Independent Benchmark

This independent benchmark establishes a framework in the marketplace to help organizations evaluate database technologies suitable for spatial and time series data analysis workloads. 

2021 Hadoop-to-Cloud Migration Benchmark Report

The purpose of this study was to identify and document the current perspectives, objectives, and sentiments of organizations and data users to better understand how they are operationalizing system

Strategies for Migrating Hadoop On-Premises to AWS

Companies embarking on significant Hadoop migrations have the opportunity to advance their data management capabilities while modernizing their data architectures with cloud platforms and services.

Analytic Automation and Mission Outcomes

This Insight Paper discusses how APA is the next step for RPA to unlock transformation in business processes, upskill data users, leverage advanced analytics, and balance innovative technologies with

Delivering Enterprise Analytics with the Modern Data Infrastructure

This Insight Paper outlines three primary analytics capabilities enterprises need to translate business strategies into MDI implementations. The MDA logically encapsulates strategy and principles into

Why Data Hubs Are Essential to Modern Data Management

This Insight Paper clarifies the needs of modern data management to evolve and become agile, collaborative, and outcome oriented.

How Datameer Spotlight Accelerates the Modern Analytics Lifecycle

This white paper updates the Radiant Advisors’ Modern Analytics Lifecycle by adding a dimension that illustrates how each step in the lifecycle benefits from having the best-suited role involved to

Modern Data Architecture with Talend and Azure

The goal of a modern data architecture in the cloud is to leverage the benefits that allow agile teams to build and deliver high-quality data and analytics environments faster and more efficiently

Agile Delivery Principles for Scalable Enterprise Analytics

Speed and agility for delivering analytics are mostly derived from having an agile methodology for delivering data pipelines and data preparation

Adopting Cloud-Native Architecture Principles

Migrating to the cloud with Microsoft Azure and Talend presents the potential for speed and agility when guided by cloud-native principles

Three Necessities for a Modern Analytics Ecosystem

This white paper highlights the three specific necessities that consistently factor into the success of modern enterprise analytics

Better Together: Data and Analytics Governance

Analytics governance must pick up where data governance leaves off to cover the full analytics lifecycle as users turn data into reports, dashboards, and analytics processes to deliver b

Boosting Enterprise Adoption of Self-Service Data Analytics

New organizations, processes, and technology approaches are required to enable people throughout the organization to work with data

How to Determine the Right Growth Metrics for Self-Service Adoption

Defining a set of metrics will help to keep everyone involved with the mission to drive a data culture focused on accomplishing the right goals and communicate progress.

Technology Considerations for Enterprise Self-Service Adoption

Technology plays a key role in driving – or deterring – enterprise adoption of self-service data analytics

Self-Service Analytics Requires New Processes and New Governance

New data management processes for self-service will focus on governing data, managing output data and analytics models, and managing analytics workflows

Grow Your Data Culture: A Mindset for New Enterprise Organizations

Our research shows that each company’s unique data culture is the leading factor in driving enterprise adoption of self-service data analytics

The Tipping Point that Drives the Need for Enterprise Report Management

A report management hub is a software platform that is independent of report development tools and provides unified visibility of each reporting tool’s available reports

Modernizing the Enterprise Data Warehouse with the Cloud

Three concepts are relevant for the future of your data warehouse: what it means to be “enterprise,” what it means to be “modern,” and the impact of multi-cloud

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